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Von John D. Pihach
Kategorien: History
Themen: Horizonte

Born the son of a Wyandot Chief in Kansas in 1849, Irvin Mudeater was a celebrated buffalo hunter—killing 126 in just one day—who ran wagon trains to Santa Fe, was caught up in the Civil War, and ...

Paris 1919

Von Margaret MacMillan
Vorwort von Richard Holbrooke
Kategorien: History
Themen: Horizonte

National Bestseller
New York Times Editors’ Choice
Winner of the PEN Hessell Tiltman Prize
Winner of the Duff Cooper Prize
Silver Medalist for the Arthur Ross Book Award
of the Council on Foreign Relations ...

The Memory of Water

Over the last forty years, Canadian adventurer, writer, and artist Allen Smutylo has experienced some of the wildest and most captivating waters imaginable in all corners of the globe. The stories in ...

The Obesity Code

Von Dr. Jason Fung
Vorwort von Dr. Timothy Noakes
Kategorien: Health & Fitness
Themen: Horizonte

Why you’ve never been able to lose weight, and how that can change now

Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only ...

The Right to Be Cold

The Right to Be Cold is a human story of resilience, commitment, and survival told from the unique vantage point of an Inuk woman who, in spite of ...

The Rights of Nature

Von David R. Boyd
Kategorien: Nature
Themen: Horizonte

An important and timely recipe for hope for humans and all forms of life

Palila v Hawaii. New Zealand’s Te Urewera Act. Sierra Club v Disney. These legal phrases hardly sound like the makings of a revolution, ...